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Pet goods for all occasions

Pets are an integral part of our live. Purchased or given as a present, picked up on the street or taken from a shelter - they become full members of our families. Dogs and cats, hamsters and parrots, fish and reptiles – care for them brings us joy and makes us better.

Goods for Pets are being successfully produced and delivered to Russia by AMMA for more than 20 years. AMMA cares for each Pet’s life to be interesting and multifarious, so it’s health never gave you any concern and every new day is full of energy and good mood.

Manufacturing and wholesale of pet products in Russia

Our catalog includes products for all kinds of Pets: for cats and dogs, rodents and reptiles, birds and aquarium fish. It offers all kinds of accessories and toys, auto feeders and automatic drinking bowls, grooming products, leashes, beddings and carriers for birds and rodents, as well as scratching posts and cat litter for the toilet, modern playgrounds and other Pet products for all cases. We offer a wide range of products, absolute quality and professionalism, backed by years of experience.

You will be aware of all new interesting products and regular promotions. A variety of materials, sizes and colors, always reasonable prices, quick order process and guaranteed product stock is what you deserve.

AMMA priority is a competitive product for every taste and purse, the highest standards of quality and reliability, stable and mutually beneficial partnership.

Care for your Pets
and best wishes to you,

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